It's the Little Things

1) We make our focaccia from scratch every day in every restaurant, using only extra virgin olive oil.

2) Antonio met our one of our pasta producers over 25 years ago and today he still makes four of our durum wheat pastas including spaghetti and fettucce.

3) Each of our amaretti is rolled and wrapped by hand near Asti.

4) The only clementines that go into our marmalade come from our producer’s own estate in sunny Calabria.

5) Our meat sauces are cooked slowly with Piemonte Barbera Wine which enhances the rich flavours of the Wild Boar or Venison pasta sauces.

6) Our Tuscan Vin Santo is made with grapes hung to dry for at least 3 months to concentrate the sugar and make a stronger and sweeter wine, using methods that are centuries old.

7) The Capricci peppers we sell in our food shop are hand-stuffed with tuna and anchovies.

8) Our lemon oil is made solely by milling lemons and olives at the same time

9) We match our aged balsamic vinegar with Parmigiano Reggiano, an unlikely but perfect taste combination.

10) Time is a secret ingredient for our panettone – the yeast has its own room where it’s been nurtured since the previous season.

11) The producer behind our panettone takes great care to choose the fattest sultanas and juiciest candied peel before starting on the 24 hour baking process.

12) Finally, Antonio put us in contact with a family-run roaster in Piacenza, in the heart of Emilia Romagna, over 15 years ago. They’ve been roasting our two blends of coffee beans ever since.

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