Filotea Truffle Fettuccine, Artisan Egg Pasta, 250g



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Filotea’s Truffle Fettuccine is an exquisite pasta, that follows the time-honoured recipe for egg pasta; the dough is skilfully made, incorporating fresh eggs and superior flour, resulting in a pasta with a delicate and tender texture. The pasta is then carefully dried at low temperatures for a minimum of 24 hours, preserving its exceptional quality and ensuring a satisfying al dente bite.

This Truffle Fettuccine is a versatile pasta that pairs beautifully with various sauces; we recommend a carbonara, Truffle and eggs are a match made in heaven! Could also be used as a truffle flavouring in a mushroom sauce, or as a side with a hearty Florentine style steak. 

Net Weight: 250g 

Ingredients List: Durum WHEAT semolina, EGGS (30%), WHEAT flour (type 00), black truffle 2%.

May contain traces of shellfish and soya



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It has a deeply traditional cuisine that takes influence from the sea, farmland and mountains of the region. Specialities abound: olive all’ascolana (olives stuffed with meat and cheese, dipped in breadcrumbs and deep fried), ciauscolo (soft smoked pork sausage flavoured with fennel, garlic and vino cotto), crema fritta (deep fried custard – yes, really) and more.

Le Marche has a range of climates that allow many different types of wine to be grown very successfully. Amongst others, the verdicchio grape is the region’s pride and joy. The classic style has notes of green apple and a hint of bitter almond on the finish, making it a great pairing with fish.