Napoli Espresso Ground Coffee 250g



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Rich, lively and well-rounded. A blend of Arabica and Robusta beans carefully roasted in Italy, typical of the coffee favoured by Neapolitans.

Reflecting the cuisine of the southern regions of Italy, our Napoli coffee is blended and roasted in the traditional style of the master roasters of Naples, which is the darkest style roast in Italy. The blend itself uses Arabica beans with a little kick of Robusta. High quality Robusta adds a depth of flavour to the blend, forming an intense crema.

Our dark, earthy blend recreates the sultry, exotic flavour of the Arabian and Oriental influences from which coffee drinking was born and still exist in the ancient, narrow streets of Naples.

Perfect for Latte and Cappuccino as the blends robust flavour cuts nicely through the milk. Also great for an espresso with a little extra bite…